Tuesday, April 24, 2012

To lure you D&G tracts hooking up treasures beyond the imagination of eye-catching attraction

D&G launched in 1994 canvas case promo, as the Dolce&Gabbana line, a young European Dream Pop sign.At present, D&G limelight has greatly exceeded its brand of a gleam of.In the ancient spirit demon to describe the brand is not too much, the best known fashion in two groups of two designer brands for its offbeat fashion style conquered a large number of young people.
Borrow gems radiant, beautiful bird created colorful bloom, let the fantastic natural exotic black womens messenger bag, release beyond the imagination of eye-catching attraction.
Show off show, is not the original oneself, blessing the world to crown of glory, the extreme beauty show.

Louis Vuitton Blason series of high-level jewelry diamond ring
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Silently gazing canvas tote bags to decorate, flashing in the night of the mysterious star breathing broken, time will witness the top Hua Guan pondering carefully embellishment.

Chaumet "net to me... If you love me" series 18K Gold Diamond & Citrine crown
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Family extravagance Korea totem, the seal can be richly endowed by nature of the extraordinary splendor, domineering.

Cartier "mysterious India" senior jewelry necklace
Eyes, look after the invitation of Chinese robe, night with the moon, Xiangzhu fall dawn.
Van Cleef Arpels Collier Napoli Senior Jewelry Necklace


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beberose first Raffles City Shanghai sweet storm

A famous Japanese brand beberose for the first time in China in September 2, 2011, this popular Japanese fashion tide formal board Shanghai, settled in the landmark Jiuguang Department store, September 10th will once again settled Shanghai famous trade center Raffles city.
The new Japanese brand advocates through clothing for girls become more lovely and sweet, the overall style is highlighted in women cute and line curve based on, appropriately to show his own skin, is healthy and fashionable.

Beberose Energ (Heath) Happy (pleasant) Shiny (shiny) features, in the material quality and the details of the pursuit, in order to make Asian female nature show Paris women like sweet fashion female inherent charm as the goal, more prominent Asian women's fashion sense.
In the designer brands from the beberose expression of light pink to associate beautiful cute and to properly expose women lines and curves, the interpretation of health style draw on the basis of the fashion elements, the maximum set off the women's own advantages and natural beauty of curves.

Beberose in the well-known Japanese market has set up 8 outlets, and the Japanese famous model Lena Fujii as a brand spokesman, repeatedly appear in the VIVI, RAY, JJ and other well-known magazines Leather Canvas Bag, received the majority of women's love and pursuit, revealed its to fashion show some confidence.

Lena Fujii: Lena Fujii, Japan tips popular magazine "ViVi" headed models heavy canvas bags, as Stardust Promotion which, with lovely sweet appearance and always kind and sweet smile, Lena Fujii (Lena) won the Japanese home and abroad have very high popularity.
With 1/4 American descent Lena Fujii (Lena) best feature is a mouth at both ends of the two sexy mole.Lena Fujii (Lena) also released records as a singer, and also achieved good results.On weekdays, Lena Fujii (Lena) is the greatest love of self, who shot Lena Fujii (Lena) than in the magazine more cute organic cotton canvas bags, very the girl feel, since Lena Fujii beberose endorsement has more young boys and girls in hot pursuit.

Shop information:
The long shop in Shanghai in September 2nd OPEN long optical shop in Shanghai 4F long residence: Nanjing West Road 1618 Shanghai store
On September 10th OPEN NOVO NOVO Shanghai Raffles Shanghai Raffles shop 2F NOVO Shanghai Raffles shop address: Huangpu District Tibet Road No.
268 Volkswagen Square 1-01 / 2-01 (near Fuzhou Road)
Activity information:
Long optical shop in Shanghai in September 17th
Active Name: beberose presents special VEENT
Activity content: invite popular model Lena Fujii for a talk show, as well as a small fashion show.

Condition of participation: where beberose Shanghai store consumption to a certain amount of guests can get coupons.
Beberose Chinese website: http: / / www.jp-now.com / beberose / China / index.htm


Monday, April 16, 2012

Spotlight spotlight Linea Rosa from a thorny rose treason sexy

Refuse formula trend ,free handwriting reveals the whims of the opposition United states .relationresultLineaRosa is a fashion ,is a fantasy world exclusive mark .relationresultMaterialismnew era, people are always too much ,new things come too easy ,nothing ,as the tide began to be replication cycle ,in honor of fashion trend ,copy instead of falling ordinary but no personality .
relationresultLineaRosa ,meaning the new era woman as a red rose ,gorgeous charming but proud alone ,impressiveness obsession, but mysterious subversion ,Linea Rosa has a red rose appearance but with a black swan Unwilling ordinary desire ,so each stage have become the focus of thousands of envy .
relationresultAs LadyGaga song A girl s just as hot as the shoes she chooses ,the shoe is the embodiment of the woman facing life and emotional attitude .We have explored the woman on the shoe feeling ,some people say that women and shoes as a woman and man relationship .
Women shoes have a special look, like the Sex and the City Carrie face shoe it ,has the most can show feelings that pair of shoes ,all no longer important .Linea Rosa was born to subvert the inverted patterns of ordinary, make a pair of shoes to become urban women fall in love with unique own reasons .
relationresultInLinea Rosa woman shoes is to know how to cherish and love his age women ;their inner unwilling to ordinary, independent and temptation .Women are emotional animal ,like beauty and luxury ,but every woman psychological have lived a little girl ,she rebelled, fickle ,hopes to become the focus of the little girl and woman role ;the interwoven deductive is woman natural flavor .
In order to apply the rebel sexy with a pair of unique shoes to show Linea Rosa in the material on the bold use of metals ,precious stones, crystal and animal print fur to reflect gorgeous mysterious ,sexy panache .
In the design of Town Chic ,Urban Beauty and Runway Look each design is a stylish boundary to the innermost feelings deep extension .relationresultLineaRosa gives to women is to master the world ,stage of life every step is to self love and firm .
relationresult2011 autumn and winterdesign theme , relationresultGorgeous andstylish , relationresultLINEAROSA fall and winter of this year will be gorgeous and stylish unique combination; sexy high heels or full of architectural lines with bright leather ,coupled with precious stones, crystal ,hit nails and other details of the mosaic ,gorgeous publicity trait extreme appear, but everywhere leaching rock trendy ,make every foot LINEA ROSA women are bright eye-catching ,each step is swaying self-confidence ,send out attractive charm ,people can not help looking back at .
relationresultWildponder , relationresultLINEAROSA animal pattern leather material and hit the nail with a simple neutral line ,to create stylish fashion ,expressing the human nature deep sexy travel bag rucksack for mens khaki,wild and uninhibited .
Stark beauty ,personality publicity still stand on one attitudes ,performance ,for the ladies to outline the confident character .relationresultWillthe forest , relationresultCitygirl foot this series of LINEA ROSA shoes ,light tour through the high streets and back lanes .
Building structure clogs with fleece or wool leather ,metal decorative buckle belt or add details ,with frank but surprisingly harmonious ,in leisure show personality .relationresultIt iswinter warm , relationresultIn the cold,cold winter ,who do not want to have a pair of LINEA ROSA warm still winter series women simplicity ,avant-garde design ,with true and false animal and gem rivet embellishment ,walking in the street come very naturally attract eyeball ,more cold winter add silk fashion .
relationresultLINEAROSA brand introduction , relationresultLiXinda group under the women Le Saunda and CNE has been the subject of people who love fashion .After 30 years of development and growth ,Li Xinda group sales network throughout China major city ,Hongkong and Macao ,more than 600 shopsnetwork .
The high-end women brand LINEA ROSA is Xinda group after two years of careful cultivation of another high-end footwear brand .relationresultIn the LineaRosa boutique shop ,you can feel a abnormal space ,in the eyes of the world were originally simple drawer can also become the art shop .
Classical furniture and modern line design ,conflicts are also revealed to the traditional personality .Grey mirror ceiling with light reflecting different light ,make the person produces already in T strange illusion .
relationresultLineaRosa 2011 fall / winterfour design theme :Gorgeous stylish ,wild ponder ,urban forest ,still winter warm .The gorgeous and stylish with unique styles of perfect combination ,sexy high heels or full of building lines with bright leather ,with precious stones, crystal ,hit nails and other details of the mosaic ,gorgeous publicity trait extreme appear, but everywhere from rock trendy ,make every pedal LR females are bright eye-catching .
relationresultSales networkrelationresultLINEAROSA boutiques , relationresultWuhanInternational Plaza ,the Wuxi Yaohan ,Mao Shenzhen industry department store ,Beijing Juntai ,Nanning Dream Island
Department of Chengdu ,Wangfujing department store , relationresultLESAUNDA counters , relationresultBeijing ChaoyangCity guys canvas handbag,Tianjin friendship building ,Shenyang Shang Tai department store ,Shanghai
Plaza ,Guangzhou Plaza ,the Guangzhou Pacific exchange, Shenzhen department store ,Shenzhen Huarun center is the Mixc ,Zhuhai duty free shop, Hangzhou Yintai martial arts canvas pouch leather editor,Chengdu Renhe


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Iraq is still convergence of European luxuries Art Palace

The spring of March song, the world famous clothing brands in the spring and summer of 2011 China International Fashion Week the launch of its new products.Style simple, special tailoring, fabric quality in the spring and summer of 2011 International Fashion Trends of the key words.
2011 International summer wind swept Asia coffee Leisure canvas purses, "Iraq is still" with Schumacher, Anja Gockel and other European famous designer brands in china.
"Yi" in first step "is" endless "at the beginning of 2011, Iraq is still" will be the first time Schumache, Anja Gockel brand into China, at the same time its aggregation of Anett-Rosetel, LE Complici, Waggon, Golada, Minx-mode and other European famous designer brands.
Their uniform interpretation of the "Iraq is still" brand philosophy -- "simple, elegant, practical"."Iraq is still" brand shop is located in the Holy Land Beijing tide -- Sanlitun SOHO, also opened a website at http: / / www.
buyer-e.com, so that the customer can choose their own website.Customers can call (400-818-9955), "Iraq is still" will be free door-to-door for your fitting."Iraq is still" has many high-end fashion buyers from all over Europe, always pay attention to the forefront of popular information, the European fashion around the information the first time together to "Iraq is still", by the European group purchase price, to the domestic female more concessions.
"Iraq is still on the shelf" monthly updates, continue to increase its brand types and styles, clothing apparel maximum maintain synchronization with the European, the Chinese female quickly to buy high-quality European fashion, a taste of Europe Design upstart brilliant mind, wandering about in "Iraq is still" female fashion as if into a pool European luxuries art palace.

"Iraq is" Sanlitun SOHO office building B block 8 layer "positioning fitting room" spring, "Iraq is still" the introduction of Schumacher, Anja Gockel two European famous designer in the Berlin fashion week new work, one that has made the rave reviews.

Schumacher Rhine riverside "blowing" elegant classic wind
From the German upper reaches of the Rhine city of Mannheim's famous brand Schumacher, its new spring and summer of 2011 brought a new and interesting and elegant classical style.
In the Berlin fashion week, Schumacher fashion from the simple style to show ingenuity reconstruction tailoring college canvas handbag, to elegant gray color and movement of solid chemical reaction, such as silk, through sheer material layered matching demonstrated Schumacher new fun elegant woman.
Designer Dorothee Schumacher especially in color, like tailoring, fabric and details on the use of comparison, sequins, leather, metal accessories and other details of the decoration, so that the new spring and summer of 2011 with a modern breath without losing practicality.
In addition, the clothing back striking design, ankle-length garment and garment piece, after the inverted sweaters, Dorothee Schumacher always have "within the contrary to expectation".Throughout the story, Schumacher every garment conveys a new interpretation of female life -- "Everyday Classics".

"Iraq is still" join Schumache lands China - new spring and summer 2011
Anja Gockel of modern art "wear" the upper Anja Gockel fashion works very British colors, which is characterized with high quality creative and modern art, elegance and indispensable young spirit.
Anja Gocke 2011 New Spring and summer nineteenth Century British Joseph Marroad William Turner as "color victory", corrugation and the vertical sense to create a beautiful outline, architectural inspiration throughout the entire season structure line male canvas holder, like a watercolor as bright lively colors used in the printing of silk fabrics.


Monday, April 9, 2012

HeRen & Fen jewelry backtracking paper-cut art movement of nobility necessary trendy items like Craz

HeRen Fen jewelry backtracking paper-cut art "Danijel" series of jewelry products, uphold the essence of classical aesthetics, ornament stripes canvas purses boutique, color and totem, the pursuit of cultural identity back to nature, grass, wood Women's casual bag, stone or landscape for inspiration, interpretation of the stones Seiko carved natural charm.
The paper-cut moire Pisces Earrings design, emphasizing the culture traditional regression appeal.Pearl, jade, Zhong Ling full of Han and Tang Dynasties of charm male canvas review, jade earrings with ancient paper-cut art, by moire pattern cut shape and Pisces, harmonics, harmonic meaning expression between the festival connotation of good luck and happiness to you.
If life is movement, so that changes in fashion, regardless of is the Rose Gold Diamond glial strap watch, or Flash beads decorative sport boots to charming to fashion the concept of distributed to every movement details.
Let you in the perspiration came down like raindrops. In the process, can also enjoy the beauty of the changes of fashion.The story will be strung into a necklace leisurely coachman, lifelike horse silhouette, and carriage, wheels and Hermes Logo skillfully series, everything seems to be about an ancient and mysterious European story.
While this seemingly not complicated Hermes Crazy Cal keyword Che long chain was a unique process, must be in vacuum condition of applying a black dye can get access to this novel silver surface effect, fashionable rose gold and silver ancient smoking constitute soft contrast, believe that the long chain will make you are in the crowd exudes a unique charm.
Boucheron Belle poque style Jeanne series Earring
Belle poque period completely by the skilled artisan jewelry handmade, they not only skilled, more emerge in an endless stream of fresh ideas, they designed various jewelry link skillfully combined and connected together, make the wearer feel wonderful joy jewelry move along.


Collection of gem quality red coral treasures

Paul. Eliot once said: "when you truly want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve."This point of view, not including a perfect coral.Enjoy the beautiful coral, for thousands of years for a cycle time.
The scarce production, long growing period let coral treasures to frequent, therefore womens canvas handbag, big gem red coral destined to become a professional collector's ultimate challenge.
Dior senior jewelry Gwendoline series Rose Design Red Coral Ring
Cartier antique Chimera Bangle this integrated Chinese and India style Chimera bracelet, crown shape sapphire coffee Unisex hiking rucksack, shining diamond eye red coral leading down the carved emerald ball, colored enamel auspicious clouds cover the body
Wai Kee 18K Gold Diamond & Pearl leaves and pink coral carved peony Earrings
Dior Idylle aux Fidji senior jewelry platinum diamond bracelet, etc.

Bulgari series of top jewelry necklace gold inlay deformation orange red coral necklace canvas messenger bag kits, the clever use of a coral natural orange red, featured a smooth, vivid coral, color uniform height as well as more deformation coral large size are sufficient to show the deformation of particles from a relatively large coral full excellent salmon coral.

Dior senior jewelry coral, diamond, Pearl Brooch
Bulgari series of top jewelry 18K gold diamond, sapphire and Light Pink Coral Bead Earrings
Cartier antique jewelry coral Butterfly Brooch
The coral


Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Allure Of Vinyl Records

The Allure Of Vinyl Records red canvas leather bag

The demise of the vinyl record has become a statement all to common in the music industry. Vinyl records were supposed to be a dead music format a long time ago, but have persevered through the many technological changes in the music industry.In this day and age of ipods and digital downloads, where people can fit thousands of songs in such a neat little package, how has the vinyl record managed to compete; what is the allure?Recent research reveals that teens enjoy the physical experience they get with a vinyl record and the interaction between themselves and the record. There is a certain ritual one must rely on to play a vinyl record canvas military duffle bags side zipper, and much to the dismay of the digital world rolling tote bag, the youth of the world is receptive to this type of interaction.For some, collecting vinyl records is an obsession, a life long journey to obtain hidden masterpieces locked away in the attics and basements around the globe. For others, just owning a few selected gems from their favorite band or recording artist is enough to satisfy their collecting palate.Then there is the thrill of the hunt, scouring the online web sites and auctions looking for a rare or collectible record for their collection. For the adventurous promotional canvas bag, there are the numerous garage sales, rummage sales, flea markets and the like, that dot the countryside in every town in America. There, they can search through the dusty boxes and bins for their the next special addition to their already growing vinyl record collection. There is almost a sense of pride, self-worth, if you will, in finding what you are looking for, if only to be satisfied for a moment, until you realize you must find another rare treasure to add to your collection.Ever since Alex Steinweiss designed the first album cover for Columbia Records in 1939, album cover art has been highly collectible and is a part of music history. Classic album covers like the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band, Janis Joplin's Cheap Thrills (designed by Robert Crumb) and Led Zeppelins' Physical Graffiti are iconic. Some bands enlisted the aid of world renowned artists to design the album covers and concepts for their latest releases, including the Rolling Stones, who used Andy Warhol's idea for their record album Sticky Fingers.For some, collecting vinyl is an investment. Not only a monetary investment but a cultural one as well. Vinyl records are part of pop culture as we know it and certainly part of the rock and roll era. Preserving vinyl records, the art, the music, is a very important part of this phenomenon.But the one thing that sets vinyl apart from all other musical formats is that vinyl records just sound the best. There is no substitute for the sound reproduction that vinyl brings to music, no digital counterpart. And for that, the vinyl record will continue to survive, if not thrive.

Article explains why the vinyl record has outlasted all other music formats and continues to sell today. Discusses why people collect vinyl records.