Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beberose first Raffles City Shanghai sweet storm

A famous Japanese brand beberose for the first time in China in September 2, 2011, this popular Japanese fashion tide formal board Shanghai, settled in the landmark Jiuguang Department store, September 10th will once again settled Shanghai famous trade center Raffles city.
The new Japanese brand advocates through clothing for girls become more lovely and sweet, the overall style is highlighted in women cute and line curve based on, appropriately to show his own skin, is healthy and fashionable.

Beberose Energ (Heath) Happy (pleasant) Shiny (shiny) features, in the material quality and the details of the pursuit, in order to make Asian female nature show Paris women like sweet fashion female inherent charm as the goal, more prominent Asian women's fashion sense.
In the designer brands from the beberose expression of light pink to associate beautiful cute and to properly expose women lines and curves, the interpretation of health style draw on the basis of the fashion elements, the maximum set off the women's own advantages and natural beauty of curves.

Beberose in the well-known Japanese market has set up 8 outlets, and the Japanese famous model Lena Fujii as a brand spokesman, repeatedly appear in the VIVI, RAY, JJ and other well-known magazines Leather Canvas Bag, received the majority of women's love and pursuit, revealed its to fashion show some confidence.

Lena Fujii: Lena Fujii, Japan tips popular magazine "ViVi" headed models heavy canvas bags, as Stardust Promotion which, with lovely sweet appearance and always kind and sweet smile, Lena Fujii (Lena) won the Japanese home and abroad have very high popularity.
With 1/4 American descent Lena Fujii (Lena) best feature is a mouth at both ends of the two sexy mole.Lena Fujii (Lena) also released records as a singer, and also achieved good results.On weekdays, Lena Fujii (Lena) is the greatest love of self, who shot Lena Fujii (Lena) than in the magazine more cute organic cotton canvas bags, very the girl feel, since Lena Fujii beberose endorsement has more young boys and girls in hot pursuit.

Shop information:
The long shop in Shanghai in September 2nd OPEN long optical shop in Shanghai 4F long residence: Nanjing West Road 1618 Shanghai store
On September 10th OPEN NOVO NOVO Shanghai Raffles Shanghai Raffles shop 2F NOVO Shanghai Raffles shop address: Huangpu District Tibet Road No.
268 Volkswagen Square 1-01 / 2-01 (near Fuzhou Road)
Activity information:
Long optical shop in Shanghai in September 17th
Active Name: beberose presents special VEENT
Activity content: invite popular model Lena Fujii for a talk show, as well as a small fashion show.

Condition of participation: where beberose Shanghai store consumption to a certain amount of guests can get coupons.
Beberose Chinese website: http: / / / beberose / China / index.htm


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